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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bendaroo Bonanza

After MANY days of being indoors due to this loveley snow, we continue to come up with fun things to do. Today, two year old found the Bendaroos box and I CRINGED. The last time we had these out was all about frustration! They didn't do exactly what the commercial showed; or someone didn't like the colors; and another didn't like the way they felt. Well...this time it was *magic*! We decided to do them on the walls! My kids made Bendaroo murals...and they were SO into it. The ideas just kept flowing, and I was not about to stop this almost 1 hour time of sanity in the cabin!!! One note, however, is that they can leave a bit of waxy residue on the wall--it comes off easily enough with some wiping.

The final creations--YES, we did do this in our PJ's--and NO, it was not the morning. What better way to do a fun project during a blizzard!!!

1 comment:

Karissa said...

Cute! We are always looking for new ideas with the Benderoos! I never even thought about the wall!

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