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Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Grandparents Montage

Do you always get a bit of...ahem...pressure to send more of your child's artwork to the grandparents? Well--we SHOULD!!! What better audience is there than an adoring grandma or pop-pop! They can put it on their refrigerator for all the visitors to see :-). Another idea we at Simply Create have come up with is the Grandparent Montage!!

You can send the G'parents one of our regular montages with your child's artwork, OR you can have them each create a special drawing OF Grammie & GrandPaPa. This can then be turned into a very special poster they will proudly display in their home. It is so personal and touching.


Datra said...

Love, love LOVE this idea!!! Fantastic... great for my house and as a gift for the grandparents. Genius!!!

mommy2luke2008 said...

This is beautiful!! My mom would love it!!!

HawesFam said...

What Grandparent wouldn't melt over this? Great idea.

Lexie said...

What fun ideas you have!

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